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Sales pipeline course

At Pipedrive we’ve built sales software for more than 10 years, and spent the previous 10-plus years in sales management. Now, we’ve compressed our sales pipeline knowledge into this handy video course and accompanying ebook with 12 chapters over 48 pages.

List of lessons

This course will show you how you can get started and how Pipedrive can greatly improve your sales results. What you will learn:
1. Sales pipeline academy: by co-founder Timo Rein
1. Welcome to Pipedrive sales pipeline course: by co-founder Timo Rein
2. Chapter 1: Understand the numbers game
3. Chapter 2: Set the right kind of goals
4. Chapter 3: Get your pipeline stages right
5. Chapter 4: How to add more deals
6. Chapter 5: How to go after larger deals
7. Chapter 6: Plug the leaks in your pipeline
8. Chapter 7: Get the deals flowing faster
9. Chapter 8: Empty the pipeline to keep it flowing
10. Chapter 9: Make time for prospecting
11. Chapter 10: Unpleasant things get results
12. Chapter 11: Measure your pipeline progress
13. Thanks for joining!


What is a sales training program?
A sales training program is a course – be it virtual, on-site or on-demand – designed to equip your salespeople with the skills to maximize revenue. Online sales training is convenient and has several advantages over in-person training. For example, it allows sales professionals to complete an e-learning program at their own pace.
What is a sales academy?
A sales academy is a space featuring a range of courses and videos for training salespeople. These usually include tutorials to help foster stronger customer relationships, increase revenue and strengthen sales skills. The courses can be multi-part instructor-led training, self-study or more concise lessons that focus on particular aspects of the sales process.
What is the Pipedrive Academy?
The Pipedrive Academy is where you’ll find courses, videos and tutorials to help sales professionals level up their sales skills. It features guides that’ll teach you how to get started with Pipedrive’s CRM, how to become an email marketing pro, how to build a successful sales pipeline and much more.
What company has the best sales training programs?
The best sales training programs are those that suit your sales team the most. There are many things that contribute to a successful sales strategy. These include building strong customer relationships, making sure to follow up on time, running smart email marketing campaigns and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. Pipedrive’s Academy doesn’t only guide users on its software – it helps salespeople acquire sales skills that can be applied to whichever tool they use.
How do I build a sales training program?
There are endless resources available when it comes to training your sales team. Sure, you could trawl the internet looking for the right materials, or you could use one of the guides in the Pipedrive Academy. These courses are tailor-made to help you to achieve sales success, understand email marketing and build a successful sales pipeline.
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How to get most out of Pipedrive?

Welcome to Pipedrive Academy! Pipedrive Academy features CRM training videos and tutorials to help you level up your CRM and sales skills, from quick CRM courses to in-depth tutorials on specific features.
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