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Academy Courses

Welcome to Pipedrive’s Academy courses! Here, you’ll find virtual training programs and online video courses, to help you and your sales team develop your CRM and sales skills. These courses include in-depth video lessons that will empower you to improve each and every stage of your sales process.

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Sales courses
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What you can find in the Pipedrive Academy:

Pipedrive’s Academy is where you’ll find self-paced courses – including online training videos – to help sales professionals and marketers on your team learn and improve their marketing and sales skills. Courses in the academy range from quick, practical lessons that address specific issues your salespeople might encounter along the sales process to longer, multi-part e-learning tutorials that break down much larger topics – such as an introduction to email marketing – into smaller, bite-sized chunks – like how to organize sales data.

The benefits of sales training programs:

The benefits of sales training programs:
Without proper training, a sales team can struggle to close deals and miss potential revenue. The wrong sales strategy makes it difficult to yield results and sales professionals might pursue bad leads or waste time on unproductive tasks.
Sales training programs help sales teams hone in on their targets in various ways. Among other things, they:
  • Empower sales reps to acquire top sales techniques they can use to engage with new target groups and close deals.
  • Allow businesses to improve and personalize their communication with prospects. Conducting warmer, less transactional sales conversations and customer relationships is likely to result in repeat business and improved customer retention rates.
  • Motivate your company’s sales force through consistent nurturing, leading to greater employee retention, morale and productivity.

Trusted by over 100,000 sales teams around the world

It has made our sales department more effective and efficient. It’s easy to use and it’s constantly updated. It’s easy to use and it’s constantly updated.
Ana Rinck
Operations Manager , BAKERpedia
Easy to use, reasonably priced, and ensures I don’t drop the ball on following up with my leads!
Christine Luken
Author and Speaker , Financial Lifeguard
The best thing we love about Pipedrive is it does two-way sync with Google Apps. It has helped us to better organise and keep everything on track.
Nirmal Gyanwali
Managing Director , Nirmal Web Studio


What is a sales training program?
A sales training program is a course – be it virtual, on-site or on-demand – designed to equip your salespeople with the skills to maximize revenue. Online sales training is convenient and has several advantages over in-person training. For example, it allows sales professionals to complete an e-learning program at their own pace.
What is a sales academy?
A sales academy is a space featuring a range of courses and videos for training salespeople. These usually include tutorials to help foster stronger customer relationships, increase revenue and strengthen sales skills. The courses can be multi-part instructor-led training, self-study or more concise lessons that focus on particular aspects of the sales process.
What is the Pipedrive Academy?
The Pipedrive Academy is where you’ll find courses, videos and tutorials to help sales professionals level up their sales skills. It features guides that’ll teach you how to get started with Pipedrive’s CRM, how to become an email marketing pro, how to build a successful sales pipeline and much more.
What company has the best sales training programs?
The best sales training programs are those that suit your sales team the most. There are many things that contribute to a successful sales strategy. These include building strong customer relationships, making sure to follow up on time, running smart email marketing campaigns and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. Pipedrive’s Academy doesn’t only guide users on its software – it helps salespeople acquire sales skills that can be applied to whichever tool they use.
How do I build a sales training program?
There are endless resources available when it comes to training your sales team. Sure, you could trawl the internet looking for the right materials, or you could use one of the guides in the Pipedrive Academy. These courses are tailor-made to help you to achieve sales success, understand email marketing and build a successful sales pipeline.
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How to get most out of Pipedrive?

Pipedrive CRM is overflowing with intelligent tools to improve your sales and marketing processes. Our CRM platform offers everything from marketing automation features to in-depth sales reports.
Seamlessly keep track of leads and potential customers with Pipedrive’s intuitive pipeline view. Get notified when your prospects are ready to close a deal so you can follow up at precisely the right time.

Centralize all your customer information under one roof and integrate it with your digital marketing tools. Add custom fields for contacts and separate them by industries to ensure you target the hottest leads.
Start using Pipedrive Learn today to make the most of your powerful CRM tool and keep the deals rolling in.
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